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so listen up…

There’s this writer named Nick Miller who has just finished his first novel- Isn’t It Pretty To Think So. Nick has always used Tumblr as his creative outlet, and the place he decided to post the first chapter of his novel, you can read it here. You can judge for yourself, but I think this guy’s talented. 

Nick is using Kickstarter to raise money to fund the publishing, editing etc. of Isn’t It Pretty To Think So. On Kickstarter you make donations and get rewards- for example I donated 20 bucks, so if his goal of $10,000 is reached in the alloted time, i will be charged $20 and get a signed copy of the novel once it comes out. The thing is I, along with all of the other backers, will only be charged if he reaches his ultimate goal. He gets the $10,000 or he gets nothing. 

So far he has raised $4,333, 43% of his goal, and he has 19 days to go until his time is up. 

So if you find Mr. Miller worthy of your time and money, please please consider donating, even if you donate only $5.00 you get a PDF version of the novel.

He’s a part of the Tumblr family! We gotta stick together.

Even if you can’t contribute, please spread the word!

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